Rent a Boat in Leiden

Discover Leiden from the water with 8 persons on this 120-minute cruise and be your own captain. See the historical city, the cozy canals, and beautiful waterfront houses.

You do not need a license on this electric self-driving boat.

The historic city center of Leiden has a total of 28 kilometers of canals. And you need bridges to get over all those canals and singels. The city center of Leiden has no less than 88! The old town is surrounded by water. And there is a lot of greenery within those singels. That is why it is also called the Singelpark.

Leiden from the water is fantastic!

Prices(maximum of 8 people):

2 hour: € 95,-
5x 2 hour: € 380,- (punch card personal and non-transferable)